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Investment Advisor Representative of Sanctuary Advisors, LLC. Advisory services offered through Sanctuary Advisors, LLC., an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. mFORCE Capital is a DBA of Sanctuary Advisors, LLC.

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To my clients and friends,

On August 1st of this year, Marriott Wealth Advisors, Inc. will celebrate twelve years of our founding. I founded the firm on the one guiding principle that we treat and celebrate each client in their own unique way. My only goal is to help our clients get the maximum enjoyment out of their retirement years.

The world is changing fast and is more financially complex given what has transpired over the last several years. I am now, more than ever, determined and focused on delivering an even better client experience in the years ahead. This determination and focus has resulted in my decision to join mFORCE Capital, LLC and partner with Sanctuary Wealth. I announce with great excitement that Marriott Wealth Advisors, Inc. will be joining the mFORCE Capital family.

mFORCE Capital is based in Ft, Worth, TX with Arkansas roots. mFORCE Capital shares the same values and goals for their clients that we here at Marriott Wealth Advisors, Inc have been providing over the last twelve years. Therefore, I believe that joining mFORCE Capital will allow Marriott Wealth Advisors to continue delivering the best experience we can for the next twelve years and beyond.

mFORCE Capital is one of more than fifty independent firms that make up the Sanctuary Wealth family. Through our partnerships, we will have comprehensive investment solutions, a vast network of resources, best-in-class technology and thought leadership and collaboration with our partner firms. The depth of resources available at mFORCE Capital and Sanctuary Wealth allows for creative and innovative solutions that will elevate my business and my clients’ experience.

I look forward to speaking with you about our new journey together.

All the best,

Joe Marriott

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